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SIEBER TOOLING SOLUTIONS has been successfully providing its customers with process solutions, tools and service in metal forming technology for more than fifty years. We give shape to your ideas. Sieber Tooling Solutions is now a division of Ergoseal.

SIEBER has at its disposal more than thirty manufacturing techniques and can produce almost any tool for metal forming technology or applied technologies with outstanding and consistent quality to match the customer’s specifications or its own design. SIEBER tools are in use around the globe.

Manufacturing Services:

Engineering Services:

In addition to our standard tools like head extrusion dies and trimming dies, which we design to meet specific customer needs, we manufacture almost every kind of tools required in forging; they are made of steel, PM steel or tungsten carbide with a wide variety of coatings (CVD/PVD); they can be made as a compact design, multi-reinforced, or in an actively closing and opening design, for forging rotationally symmetric profiles, geometrically complex hand-forged dies, splines or threads.

Our technical services range from reconditioning used tools to providing advisory services (e.g. optimizing existing sets of tools with regard to the numbers of pieces that are machined and cost-effectiveness) and even cooperating with tests carried out on procedures used in our customers’ production processes.

We also attach great importance to offering our customers a variety of logistics services. They range from handling items in line with simple outline agreements to involvement in handling procedures defined by customers, whether they involve Kanban or other logistics concepts.

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