For over 50 years, Sieber Tooling Solutions has designed and engineered high-quality metal forming tools and solutions for use in industrial applications across the globe.

Leveraging our decades of industry experience and 30 innovative manufacturing techniques, our expert team delivers standard and custom tools that help bring our customers’ ideas to life.

Our Engineering Services

From initial design to production, our engineers provide complete support to customers looking for standard or custom tooling. Our engineering solutions can include the following services:

  • Finite element analysis (FEA). Once a customer submits a request for a quote on tooling, our engineers use FEA simulation software to determine whether the part is suitable for the cold heading process or needs further design improvements to accommodate the intended manufacturing and operating conditions.
  • Tooling design. If needed, our team can help make changes to the design of tooling to suit the product or production specifications.
  • Process optimization. If a customer’s facility doesn’t need a comprehensive process solution, our team can help reduce inefficiencies by optimizing processes. Updating select operations to decrease scrap, minimize manual human involvement, and/or streamline production can create marginal profit increases for a facility.

Our Value-Added Services

In addition to our engineering capabilities, we also offer several value-added services, including:

  • If a customer has trouble with their tooling or equipment, our engineers can come on-site to help resolve the issue.
  • Our team can train a facility’s personnel in the proper handling, use, and maintenance of new production stations. Our training courses facilitate the transition to the new processes and extend the lifespan of new equipment.
  • For used tools, we offer reconditioning services to reduce the need for complete tooling replacement.

Tooling Engineering Solutions From Sieber Tooling

At Sieber Tooling, our engineering services ensure that customers receive tooling solutions that meet their needs. Whether they need design assistance or process optimization, the experts at Sieber can deliver. For additional information on our engineering services, contact us or request a quote today.



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