For more than 50 years, Sieber Tooling Solutions has provided process solutions, tools, and service in metal forming technology for companies representing a range of industries on a global scale.

We give shape to your ideas, regardless of the application, using our design expertise, material offerings, and prototyping capabilities.

Sieber Tool has an extensive inventory of 30 manufacturing techniques to provide almost any tool for metal forming or applied technology solutions combined with the consistent quality our customers have come to expect. Not long ago, our expertise was put to the test in the propane bottle industry, and the results further solidified our position as an industry leader.

The Tooling Solutions Challenge

A leader in the propane bottle industry came to Sieber Tool looking for answers to a problem they encountered with their Schrader valves. Demand from their parent company required the manufacturing of Schrader valves for both companies, but the header machines used by the parent company and our client were different types and would produce unacceptable inconsistencies for the parent company. Because we had worked with the client for 20 years and provided them with quality tooling solutions, they trusted us to come up with the solution for this challenging task.

Sieber Tool’s Capabilities

We chose a variety of equipment and processes from among the 30 manufacturing techniques we have available to meet this challenge:

  • Applied/Processes: CNC milling, CNC soft turning and hard turning, surface grinding, CNC I.D./O.D. grinding, lapping and polishing, honing
  • Manufacturing Equipment Used: CNC lathes, CNC mill, CNC I.D./O.D. grinder, honer
  • Tightest Tolerances: +/-0.0001”
  • Material Used: all tool steels, stainless steel, plastics, carbide, high speed steel
  • Material Finish: 2-3 microns polished
  • Industries for Use: automotive, hand tools, plumbing, canning, hydraulic fittings, propane, gas lines
  • In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: profilometer, optical comparator, vision system
  • Delivery/Turnaround Time: 5-6 weeks
  • Delivery Location: Carol Stream, IL

The Solution

Our engineering staff rose to the challenge by referring to the final part print and reverse engineering it to determine if it was possible to make the part using the latest state-of-the-art FEA analysis software. Once our team confirmed that we could manufacture it, we began the design process, which consisted of modifying the existing tooling in only the 3rd, 4th and 5th stations. Our engineering team provided our client with relevant materials to the project for review before production began.

The Results

Production of the tooling required only slight modification to one die assembly and two punches, allowing for modifications to only three stations instead of all five, saving our client a lot of time and money. Needless to say, our client was ecstatic with the viable solution we provided, as well as the time and cost-saving results.

Sieber Tool’s capacity to provide our clients with complete customer satisfaction comes from our more than 50 years of experience, built upon a foundation of providing quality parts in a variety of industries.

Providing successful tooling solutions to difficult challenges is something Sieber Tool strives to achieve on a daily basis. We met this Schrader Valve challenge with a viable, time-saving, and cost-effective solution, and we can give shape to your ideas too, using our experience and array of manufacturing techniques and equipment.

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